Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Application 2019

For this reason, Good Bank offers a 3-month deferred loan facility for consumers who are in a financial situation that cannot start paying immediately. In this article we created to inform consumers about the loan application with 3 months postponement.

The type of credit that can be used by those who want to use loans immediately for their urgent needs but who want to start repaying the financing later, or who want to spend a grace period until they get an investment loan and gain is called deferred loan. .

This type of loan, in which the repayment of the loan is not immediately initiated, has a system that allows the non-payment of 3 months. Anyone can apply for a 3-month postponed loan application, but for this, it is necessary to follow the periodic campaigns of the bank and not to miss the application date.

Good Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Features

Good Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Features

When the features of the 3-month deferred loan offered to Good Bank customers are analyzed, it is at the top of the list to provide the financing applied immediately but to start the repayment after 3 months. On the other hand, having equal installments on the repayment table of the loan enables the consumer to pay back the monthly income.

Another feature is that it has flexible payment terms. Particularly for the needs of individuals who can get quarterly salaries, it is appropriate for most consumers to use quarterly payment loans. Another issue that should be known about postponed loan involves a process that shortens the maturity.

Let us explain this event as follows: You have applied for a 3-month postponed Good Bank general purpose loan product. Your refund will be initiated three months after your application date, but your maximum maturity will be reduced directly to 45 months as if you paid three months. While preparing the payment plan for the loan types that you use in the other category, installments are made by deducting the three-month process in the maximum term allowed by law.

Good Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Calculation and Interest Rates

Good Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Calculation and Interest Rates

The Bank does not see the interest rate during the three-month grace period. Therefore, the interests that continue to be processed in the period when you do not pay are distributed equally to your first installment or to all maturities when your payment date arrives.

According to the market conditions of the period, suitable interest rates are offered for Good Bank’s 3-month deferred loan campaign. The current interest rate on consumer loans for the Bank is 1.19 percent.

It is stated in the characteristics of the campaign whether the interest difference differs from the postponement is reflected to the first installment or to all installments equally. In addition, the Bank may demand personal or pecuniary collateral against consumer loans.

Good Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Application How?

Good Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Application How?

In order to apply for a 3-month deferred loan application, you can forward your application via the platforms that the bank allows to use. These platforms are mobile banking, internet banking, call center, internet branch, ATMs and branches.

Those who wish to apply for a loan via internet banking can use the “Apply” button on the official website of Good Bank. Those who want to withdraw 3 months postponed credit via mobile and internet branch can set the password for entry and apply with the menu.

If the review process, which will be initiated after this application, is positive, the bank will return to you and ask you to submit the necessary documents to the branch. Once you have submitted these documents in full, you can receive your loan by signing the consumer loan agreement.


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