You will pay dearly for cash withdrawal by credit card

A credit card is a very useful product – but you need to know how to use it. ATM withdrawal using a credit card is not a free service. Banks, unless we have a prestigious (and expensive) VIP card, will charge us a fee for using the credit card when withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Credit Card – Commission for Withdrawing Money from an ATM


Banks treat credit cards as tools designed mainly for non-cash transactions, which is why they make them pay for money borrowed in a different way than non-cash.

Although the amount of the fee depends on the value of the withdrawal, the banks also set the minimum commission that will be absolutely charged. It may amount to PLN 7, as in the case of Getin Bank, or PLN 10 at mBank, PKO Bank Polski, Santander Bank Polska, Alior Bank, Citi Handlowy and BGŻ BNP Paribas. A list of all sample commissions for cash withdrawals at a domestic ATM is presented in the table.

Credit card – additional interest on cash withdrawals

Credit card - additional interest on cash withdrawals

High commission fees for cash withdrawals are not all, however. Banks do not treat withdrawals from a credit card as a non-cash transaction, which means that from the first day after the withdrawal, they will charge interest on the amount paid at the ATM.

The banks stipulate in the contracts that the grace period, ie the interest-free period, does not apply to cash transactions made by credit card. Despite the fact that for other non-cash transactions it will continue to apply during the specified period by the bank, eg 51 or 54 days, the interest rate due will be imposed on the cash withdrawn from the ATM until the date of full repayment of the debt.

For example, for an interest rate of 10% per annum and PLN 500 paid out, the interest earned each day will amount to PLN 0.04. It may seem a small amount to you, but after 10 days it will be PLN 1.40, and after 100 days it will be PLN 14.00 …

For all credit cards that were the subject of our comparison, the payment of PLN 500 will cost from PLN 7.28 to PLN 8.26. So is it worth it? Not necessarily. If we add to this withdrawal one or several non-cash transactions – those for which the credit card was created – our account may be charged with quite a large amount.

Credit Card – Can I withdraw cash at the bank?

Credit Card - Can I withdraw cash at the bank?

The essence of having a credit card is the possibility of cashless payments, which are to facilitate your shopping. What if you need cash? In an emergency, you can withdraw it at an ATM or at the bank’s counter, but you have to take into account the high commission.

Depending on the bank, it can range from 3.5 to even 8 percent. the amount paid out. Withdrawal from a credit card is not treated on an equal footing with such a card. An ATM withdrawal is treated differently if it is a credit card, and a debit card which allows free cash withdrawals.


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